Life Lessons from Mumbai’s Local Trains – 7 Inspirational Takeaways

People living in the Mumbai suburbs most time go into traveling & significant portion into train travel. I used to travel by train a lot & some fascinating points I learned. If you traveled via Mumbai local train you will relate to these learnings.

Building Connections

In the train’s bustling environment, we often find ourselves in the company of diverse professionals, presenting networking opportunities that expand our social circles. Conversing with strangers becomes second nature, fostering comfort and connection.

Celebrate Life. 

It could be a simple Birthday, retirement/ relevant milestone in life, or any festival. For example, Dussehra is the most common festival celebrated on a larger scale on trains. Decorations adorn the spaces, sweets are exchanged, and heartfelt gratitude is expressed to the train staff, showcasing the spirit of celebration.

Utilize time

Maximizing Time Passengers skillfully utilize their travel time for various activities such as reading books, completing assignments, engaging in group activities like singing lessons, or celebrating cultural customs like Haldi Kumkum. Some even indulge in window shopping or singing devotional songs – Bhajans, making every moment count.


Generally, if we concentrate on our problems, problems seem bigger. However, if we focus on a solution, the problem automatically shrinks smaller. We get to meet a lot of “common” people with their “uncommon” stories that encourage us to aspire bigger.

The funniest thing I observed, people has problem stones in front of them. They don’t cross a problem stone, they will dance over it & then cross it.

Carry which you can hold

A valuable lesson learned is to carry only what we can handle. By avoiding unnecessary baggage, whether physical or emotional, we lighten our load and navigate through life with ease.


Witnessing small acts of kindness, such as people offering their seats to those in need, serves as a constant reminder to spread compassion and thoughtfulness in our daily lives.


The magic of Mumbai’s local trains often brings about unexpected reunions with old friends, evoking genuine smiles and heartfelt joy. Serendipitous moments and unplanned adventures remind us that life’s surprises can create beautiful memories.

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